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Property Accessibility

About the property:

  • The lobby is not wheelchair accessible, but check-in can be completed without accessing the lobby
  • The beach and garden areas are not wheelchair accessible
  • There is one designated handicapped parking spot

About the room:

Room 6H (Standard King Accessible) is the only designated ADA room (subject to availability). The room has the following features:

  • The distance from handicap parking to entrance of the room is 23 ft (No ramp)
  • Door entrance is 35 in wide (Does not have proper door handles)
  • Distance from the wall to the bedside is 49 in
  • Kitchen shelves are 38 ½ in high
  • Open kitchen turnaround space is 58 in
  • Roll-in shower with handrail is 34 in at its lowest point and 37 in at highest point
  • Bathroom sink vanity has 35 ½ in knee space
  • The toilet is 14 in. high
  • Bathroom doorway clearance is 33 ¾ in
  • No braille available