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Scuba and Snorkel Charters

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at Amoray


Your dive adventure begins aboard the Amoray Diver, our pristine 45 foot custom designed dive boat. Departing from our resort on the Florida Bay. We journey through the Marvin D. Adams waterway – our coral gateway to Caribbean waters. Then the Amoray Diver winds it’s way through a maze of mangroves – the vital breeding and protective habitat for all our tropical marine life.


Key Largo is home of one of the most photographed dive locations in all of the Keys; the Christ of the Deep is an incredible statue of Christ which was donated to Key Largo by the Cressi family to become an artificial reef. It is just one of the many beautiful, photogenic dive sites in Key Largo.


Photo courtesy of Stephen Fink

   Diving and Snorkeling Etiquette

Take Photos Pollute
Observe Fish
Have Fun Lobster
Leave only your bubbles Touch/Take shells, corals, marine life, etc.

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When you dive and snorkel at Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort, you will experience world famous Key Largo Diving. Our beautiful reefs and intriguing wrecks have rightfully earned Key Largo’s title of “The Dive Capital of the World.” Key Largo Diving is most famous for its coral reefs, which are home to a variety of exotic marine species. For over the last four decades, the area has been protected under the National Marine Sanctuary. Fishing, lobstering, shell and coral collecting are restricted inside the sanctuary. This means when diving in Key Largo, the sites are abundant with exciting, healthy marine life and there is so much to see.

We are only a fascinating short trip from where the sea’s treasures unfold for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts. The gems of the sea include enchanting schools of friendly fish, delicate soft corals, a massive colonies of vibrantly colored coral. Water depths over the coral reef vary from 6 to 45 feet (2 to 15 meters).  Key Largo Diving has also been made famous by two the beautiful deep wrecks of the Duane and the Spiegel Grove. These two artificial reefs exceed 100′ however, these are much more than just exciting deep dives, they are both home to Goliath grouper, rays, a variety of different fish as well as the occasional shark. We allow penetration of the wrecks only when a clear exit is visible from the entry point, however much more can be seen with one or our knowledgeable, experienced instructors is hired as a guide!

Cruises and Charters img_2042

The Amoray Diver is available for whole boat charter
on a half or full day basis. What a wonderful way
to throw a party, have a special group sunset cruise,
or celebrate that perfect wedding.



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Amoray has vacation packages specializing in scuba and snorkeling charters, and offers full-service scuba and snorkeling instruction – from “Bubble Maker” to certified Divemaster. We also offer specialty courses; Peak Performance Buoyancy, Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN), Fish Identification, Night, and Wreck diving -to name but a few. We also perform unique and exciting Underwater weddings!