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We are happy to offer use of kayaks to our guests at the rate of $10 per hour. Kayaking is an idyllic method of  exploring  the beautiful coastal scenery that is abundant in the Florida Keys.

Kayaking is a great way to do some  ecological exploring because paddling a kayak makes very little noise and barely creates a wake. If you are interested in witnessing the variety of wildlife that inhabits the remote islands, back country flats, and  mangrove forests, a kayak adventure is ideal because is causes very  little disruption; there is no motor noise, gasoline fumes, or massive wake from a sea kayak.abundant in the Florida Keys.  This maritime wonderland offers kayakers a seemingly endless number of pristine aquatic environments to discover. Not only is kayaking a  fun way to explore the waterways of Key Largo, it also provides its  participants  with some great outdoor exercise.


If you are a bird watcher, a kayaking  expedition is a fantastic way to view the hundreds of bird species that visit the Keys. There are ample species that reside in the area throughout  the year. You will also discover an array of birds that use the Keys as a stopover during their migration. You may also view a fabulous array  of marine species while peering through the crystal-clear waters while paddling your kayak. You also have the option of snorkeling bringing along snorkeling equipment to get a more intimate view of the sea life our Florida Bay has to offer.







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